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Tennis is the Game for Life


Glenburn Tennis Club was formed in 1980 and started with a group of tennis enthusiasts who were playing at the Syndal community hall.

The club recently celebrated 40 years of tennis. Over the years thousands of tennis players have joined the club and created great relationships. Our success has been based upon our open acceptance of players from all standards of play and from many different backgrounds as well as our sporting ethics of respect, sportsmanship, and enjoyment!




Lewis Miles is the Resident Club Professional with an enthusiastic and nurturing approach to coaching and has a program that caters to all age-groups. He is an accredited Tennis Australia Club Professional Coach, Hot Shots Deliverer, and has a degree in Exercise & Sport Science. He works with a coaching team that all play competition at Glenburn and with the team, is planning to help produce many competent tennis players over the coming years.

At Glenburn, we offer lessons for all ages and standards, from the age of 4 your child is ready to start!

If your child is older, even a teenager, starting a new sport can sometimes be a daunting experience. However, we will make sure your experience is fun and help you to make great progress.

We are a club of all different playing standards and backgrounds.

It’s best to contact our Head Coach Lewis for advice on which type of lesson is the best fit for you to start.

Taking a Free Trial lesson is a great way to start and you’ll receive plenty of support.

The Association under the Head Coach Lewis Miles offers a range of services to members including:

  • Group Lessons

  • Semi-Private Lessons

  • Private Lessons

  • Squads

  • Hitting Sessions

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